Our company’s goal is to distinctly simplify and optimise existing processes in asset management. This starts with the creation of models, which require almost no post-processing after the upload.

Concerning the identification as well as the documentation of assets, we also pursue a minimisation of effort. Today, significant assets are equipped with QR and barcodes in many companies so that they can be allocated with a hand-held scanner. If these codes are visible in the panoramas or in the detail pictures, FRAMENCE will be able to automatically identify these in the future.

Nonetheless, in order to prevent our clients from having to furnish all vital assets with barcodes, we are developing methods of automated detection based on artificial intelligence and algorithms. In this stage, we are able to detect safety devices such as fire distinguishers, exits or fire detectors.

The revolutionary aspect of our approach is that the detection is not based on thousands of pictures but on a single photograph of reference or one model. Hence, not only is it possible to detect standardised objects automatically such as chairs but also individual facilities or installations.

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