Capturing has never been that easy

The revolutionary FRAMENCE technology:
dimensionally accurate photo-realistic digital twins for buildings and systems are created from simple images and videos.

Pictures are taken with regular digital cameras preferably with a fish-eye lens and a tripod. Due to the great depth of the lens and the stability provided by the tripod, any little trained employee can take useful pictures. In special situations, the photos can be supplemented with videos and single pictures which also can be taken with a mobile phone.

With our method, you do not need a specialist for the capture of the pictures.

Our AI-supported calculation process calculates the exact point and direction of the picture for each image. The process of adjustment takes place automatically. The images and videos only have to be transferred to the computer of the user. Besides showing the exact location of the images, it creates many 3D points that can be used for later evaluation (depth chart). The image quality and resolution ultimately determine the accuracy of the model. Good image quality, which can be easily achieved with standard digital cameras accuracy is comparable to laser scanning methods. Additional images will increase the accuracy as desired. In comparison to laser scanning which work with a rough point grid, in FRAMENCE each individual photo pixel is dimensionally determined. This determines the edges and contours of components so precisely.

The picture image model presents itself as a ball-shaped panorama, as it is used in many presentation applications (hotels, restaurants, apartments, museums, etc.). A stitcher combines individual images mainly with a fisheye lens to make it seem like one spatial picture. Edges of the picture are “glued” together, so they are no longer optically visible. This method will make the pixels shift and the image model is no longer true-to-size.

The FRAMENCE panorama model is true-to-size due to the use of our own algorithms which combine the individual images into one scene. With this technology, the FRAMENCE image model can replace real 3D models for many applications. In case there is a task of 3D volume or surface models, these can be derived from the FRAMENCE image models. Also the dimensional location of each image is inserted into a “time axis”. By moving on this time axis (date) past situations can be visualized and compared at any time. The picture models are the main visual component on FRAMENCE’s hybrid data platform.

Each component on the platform is positioned in the same way, as every object has a dimensional arrangement. The digital twin is created by combining the pictures of the real world and the virtual world which will grant access to a new kind of visual data.

With FRAMENCE you have a unique single point of information,
where all important data of your assets are centrally available and easily accessible.

The FRAMENCE platform – brochure

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