The FRAMENCE Technology

The pioneering FRAMENCE technology turns simple panoramic photos into fully featured 3D models that can be updated as digital twins over the entire life cycle of buildings and technical facilities.


The underlying technology is as simple as it is ingenious: the transition from simple panoramic photos and images to 3D models takes place semi-automatically by determining only few identical points in 2 panoramas. As a result, the exact point of capture and the real dimensions can be recalculated.

Each object that is visible in 2 images is now defined with its coordinates in 3D space and can be treated like a real 3D object.

Thanks to the additional localization in a 3D navigation framework, panoramas and images can be mixed to scale with BIM models (3D models) and (2D) plans in correct position to be jointly elaborated.

The resulting hybrid model combines the high level of detail that photos do provide with the spatial position of a 3D model.

The extension with object information such as master and process data and links as well as a chronological localization create the photorealistic 3D digital twin.

Since FRAMENCE is a web application, we have developed methods to load and display large amounts of image and 3D data in the shortest possible amount of time without losing any quality.