Digitalisation of buildings and facilities

Build a hybrid model
in 3 steps

Simple, cost-effective and multifunctional

FRAMENCE® Creator,
Editor & Viewer

The revolution in the digitalisation of buildings and facilities

With FRAMENCE, you only need to use simple pictures in order to create photorealistic hybrid models of buildings and facilities. These models can be complemented with existing 2D plans and 3D models. The pictures that are used are simple panoramic photographs which are connected and aligned by means of our software. Therefore, real measurements and 3D information are available in the photorealistic environment. Cost-intensive laser scanners and point clouds are not necessary for the digitalisation.

Build a hybrid model in 3 steps

Step 1

A client’s employee or a service provider takes panoramic pictures with a common digital camera of the area that is supposed to be documented. Neither special hardware nor trained staff is needed for this procedure. Moreover, the exact camera locations do not have to be documented, since they can be estimated.

Step 2

With FRAMENCE Creator, the pictures are placed automatically, positioned correctly and you can then create the hybrid model. If applicable, you can add existing 2D maps or 3D models. Already existing hybrid models can be updated with new pictures or augmented with detailed pictures.

Step 3

With FRAMENCE Editor, the models can be brought to life and digital twins can be created by generating new assets and information or by connecting pre-existing ones. Thanks to the panoramic pictures that have been placed beforehand, the connected assets are visible in all other panoramic images as well as in the 2D/3D models and are at the right place.

In order to keep the model always up to date, you can maintain your assets with FRAMENCE Viewer as well as with FRAMENCE Editor.

FRAMENCE Impressions


From picture to the digital twin

FRAMENCE uses simple panoramic pictures to build a photorealistic digital twin. The documentation of temporal changes is achieved by adding further panoramic photographs and detailed pictures.

Use of standard hardware

The use of photographs results in low acquisition expenses and allows shorter documentation cycles – neither special hardware nor specifically trained staff is needed.

Intelligent procedures and AI

Due to intelligent software procedures and the incorporation of artificial intelligence, panoramic pictures act like real 3D models.

Easy creation of 3D objects

The creation of 3D models from panoramic pictures is possible at any time and is automated to a large extent. The hybrid model allows a blending of different graphic modes.

Integrated asset data base

Integrated asset data base for setting up photorealistic digital twins and for managing objects and attributes. Additionally, the data base contains search functions for finding interrelated picture content quickly.

Display of real-time data

Real-time data provided by security cameras, sensors, etc. can be displayed easily in the hybrid model.


FRAMENCE is a browser-based software and can therefore be installed in a private as well as in a public cloud. You decide, if you like to run FRAMENCE on premise or if you prefer to implement it as an SaaS solution.

Three modules, which differ in function, are available as a lease software. You determine which functions you need for your specific applications.

Find the right module that meets your requirements with the help of the following chart.

Depict hybrid model
Determine measurements
View asset information
Edit asset information
Create assets
Configurate asset attributes
Build 3D objects
Define 3D nets
Build hybrid model
Import CAD plans
Import BIM data
Import BIM models
Import panoramic images

For clients of our partner speedikon FM AG, our FRAMENCE solutions integrate seamlessly into the license model of speedikon® C. Please ask your contact person at speedikon FM AG for more information.