Your reality is just one click away

Say goodbye to time-consuming and costly site visits! With FRAMENCE, you’re just one click away from reality and have all important information at your fingertips.

Our platform creates a highly-detailed image model from simple photos, so even the smallest details become visible. Plus, our multiple functions allow you to work as if you were on site.

Whether you just need a quick overview, take precise measurements, locate information or need to fulfill audit requirements – save time with FRAMENCE.

Discover the many features of FRAMENCE!

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Breathtaking results thanks to innovative methods

AI creates your digital twin in record time.

On the road to the
Industrial Metaverse

FRAMENCE is leading the charge with its innovative platform that utilizes immersive technologies to bring your digital twin to life in augmented and virtual reality. Simply grab your tablet or smartphone and have all the information from your twin displayed on site. This includes operating and maintenance instructions, sensor values, comments from colleagues, and more. Our platform utilizes sophisticated methods to ensure that all information is displayed in the right place, down to the millimeter.

Using a VR headset, you can dive into your photorealistic twin and perform simulations and training on technical equipment like never before. With the ability to interact with your twin in a fully immersive setting, you can enhance your understanding and improve your workflows.

Be part of the future with FRAMENCE.

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We maintain a global network of partners for on-demand support.

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