Our Mission

Be there in seconds – reality at your fingertips.

FRAMENCE was founded in 2019 knowing that three-dimensional photorealistic digital twins can yield large benefits for the operations of buildings, assets, and technical installations.

In order to benefit from such a digital twin, its creation has to be quick, easy and economical. This why we have developed a revolutionary method.

Using simple photos only, our AI-powered software automatically generates three-dimensional photorealistic digital twins.

These twins can be accessed using any web browser allowing you to be on-site in seconds.

Since our foundation we have formed a powerful team and are constantly pushing the technological boundaries.

The Founders

Dr. Peter Merkel
PhD from Technical University of Darmstadt, GER
40 years of experience in developing CAD- und graphical CAFM-software
Technical Mastermind

Adrian Merkel
Master from University of Aberdeen, UK, Research at Technical University of Graz, AT
10 years of experience in developing CAFM- and energy management software
Sales, Marketing & Internationalization