About us

We formed FRAMENCE in order to revolutionise the digitalisation of buildings and facilities. To achieve this goal, we are working hard on our innovative idea.

After developing CAD systems and graphic-based CAFM systems for almost 40 years, I came up with a new approach for 3D models.

We possess the necessary basic technology to use image-based 3D models successfully and efficiently. We have high-resolution, easy-to-handle and very cost-effective digital cameras, fast computers and good graphic boards with enough storage space as well as AI systems which can facilitate the processing of images efficiently.

Moreover, the trend towards BIM models comes at the right time since we use them to create genuine, photorealistic digital twins.

At this stage, we can already facilitate many processes efficiently. We are at the outset of a development that has great potential for the future.

FRAMENCE’s independent asset management system is only one application of our digital twin and of the hybrid graphic model. Working closely with speedikon FM AG and the company’s clients, with whom we realise first projects, as well as the implementation into the CAFM system speedikon® C opens up many new possibilities.

My task at FRAMENCE is to coordinate the collaboration with speedikon FM AG and other partners who support us in spreading this ground-breaking graphical method.

We regard ourselves as a software company and would like to delegate data capturing and modelling of photorealistic digital twins to competent service providers.

A broad distribution of our innovative method would most likely result in a significant growth of the business with digital twins on a general level.

In order to push the growth of our company and to internationalise our method, we welcome partners and investors.

Dr. Peter Merkel
Adrian Merkel