You can use FRAMENCE’s innovative technology for a large variety of Use Cases quite profitably in many application areas.

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Documentation of buildings and technical facilities

Thanks to FRAMENCE technology the comprehensive and real-time documentation of buildings and technical facilities is finally achievable and cost effective.


  • All modifications documented will be localized on the timeline
  • Documenting any modifications using simple pictures (smartphone/tablet)
  • Points-of-information for important building components
  • Points-of-information can link to any type of data bases and 3rd party systems
  • Superposition of plans and models for assessment

Framence at the construction site

The FRAMENCE technology makes documenting your construction projects as easy as taking candy from a baby.


  • Visual documentation of construction progress
  • Measurements to determine areas and volumes
  • 3D-surface meshes for complex situations
  • Combination of panoramas and drone photos
  • Time series recordings for documenting hidden areas (e.g. ground pipes)
  • Comparison with plans and BIM

Augmented Reality

FRAMENCE technology helps you to support your colleagues on-site by delivering information from the Digital Twin in AR.


  • Overlaying of real facilities with points-of-information
  • Supporting maintenance, repairing and refurbishment activities
  • Augmenting maintenance instructions or emergency information
  • Communication with experts via the Digital Twin (employee being on-site, Digital Twin is available in Headquarters)
  • Automatic localization of detail pictures (avoiding misunderstandings)
  • Retrieving sensor- and meter values as well as IoT integration


FRAMENCE technology enables you to create precise BIM models based on simple photos.


  • Generating area- and volumetric models from pictures
  • Catalogs for special objects such as walls, doors, windows, beams, columns, piping- and cable ducts etc.
  • IFC interface for export to CAD-systems
  • Integration of external 3D building components
  • Clash detection
  • Deriving and export of 2D-drawings and floor plans

The Digital Twin as a Single-Point-of-Truth

FRAMENCE technology provides a Single-Point-of-Truth – a place where you can display all relevant information from various systems.


  • All information is localized in 3D via PoI
  • Independent from panoramas and pictures (geometric references only)
  • Any grafic-symbols to represent PoI
  • Dynamic PoI to represent conditions or messages
  • Linking to any data bases, any type of 3rd party- and cloud-systems
  • Integration of external online-dashboards or reports
  • Integrated search engine finds objects in pictures
  • Integration in timeline (when was which information valid?)

Planning in existing contexts

FRAMENCE technology allows you to carry out pre-planning activities for future refurbishments directly in the pictures.


  • Pictures and panoramas are accurate in dimensions and localized in 3D
  • Comfortable tool for removal of objects in the panoramas
  • 3D spatial model to carry out planning of new objects
  • Integration of external 3D-objects and building components (IFC, STEP)
  • Overlaying planning and reality
  • Clash detections and measuring functions
  • Export as IFC’s for further processing in CAD systems
  • Representation in Virtual Reality

Verifying plans and models

FRAMENCE allows you to verify all your existing plans and models in seconds.


  • Import for floorplan and BIM-models
  • Localization within the 3D-coordinate system
  • Versioning of models and plans
  • Superimposing plans/models onto the photos
  • Showing all information contained in the models
  • Annotations for deviations