Visualizing Conversions & Modernizations in the Planning Phase of Brownfield Projects

We helped a client active in the brownfield planning sector visualize their conversion and modernization plans in a photorealistic and dimensionally accurate environment.

What was the challenge?

In the construction sector, many projects involve working on existing buildings, necessitating a deep understanding of the current conditions during the planning phase as well as accurately portraying the planned conversions in the existing floorplans or facility environment. Our client, a company that is active in the brownfield planning sector, shared with us the challenge of accurately representing these modernizations in plans and 3D models.

How did we solve it?

To address this problem, we implemented our digital twin platform to allow for dimensionally accurate preliminary planning directly in a photorealistic digital twin. Due to the open nature of the FRAMENCE platform, our client was able to seamlessly import 3D models of machinery and equipment from manufacturers in IFC or STEP format into the digital twin environment. This allowed our client to accurately portray what the building would look like after modernizations are completed. The measuring function also allowed our client to check whether the 3D models would fit in their intended place. Our client is also able to extract 3D models from the digital twin which can then serve as a basis for other planning tasks, such as piping design or installation planning.

How did our client benefit?

The ability to conduct dimensionally accurate preliminary planning directly within the photorealistic digital twin allows our client to meticulously consider existing conditions, leading to more accurate and effective brownfield planning. The seamless integration of 3D models and components from manufacturers, the ability to take precise measurements as well as the ability to extract 3D models directly from the digital twin further simplify the planning process, saving time and effort for our client and facilitating collaboration between different construction teams.



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Wladislav Homm, Project Manager