Precise Measuring for New Asset Installations in the Chemical Industry

To help a client active in the chemical industry plan the installation of new assets more efficiently, we created a photorealistic digital twin of their chemical plant so that our client can now take precise measurements of hallways and doors leading to the designated asset installation space as well as the space itself.

What was the challenge?

Our client, who is active in the chemical industry, faces the complex task of regularly installing new assets in their plants. The challenge lies in precise planning, ensuring that there is sufficient space for the new assets, and minimizing potential clashes with existing infrastructure. Traditional methods of planning and measuring may be time-consuming, prone to inaccuracies and require experts to be on-site and available which nowadays is not a given anymore, considering the skilled workers shortage.

How did we solve it?

To address the challenges of installing new assets in the chemical plant, we implemented photorealistic digital twins as a powerful tool. Thanks to photogrammetric methods, our digital twin provided an accurate and detailed representation of the plant’s current state. This allowed for precise measurements, enabling the client to plan the installation of new assets with confidence. The photorealistic aspect of the digital twin facilitated a realistic visualization of the plant, aiding in identifying optimal locations for new assets.

How did our client benefit?

The ability to plan with precision and visualize the plant in detail allowed our client to make informed decisions about new asset placement. The digital twins not only reduced the risk of spatial conflicts but also expedited the planning phase. By introducing precise measuring capabilities within the digital twin, we could enhance the overall efficiency of the installation process, minimizing disruptions and optimizing the use of available space in the chemical plant. This innovative approach contributed to a more streamlined and effective asset installation experience for our client.



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Wladislav Homm, Project Manager