Remote Support with Augmented Reality in the Automotive Industry

To optimize maintenance and operation in the automotive industry across international facilities, Framence deployed augmented reality (AR) for remote support via the photorealistic digital twin platform.

What was the challenge?

At Framence, we understand the unique challenges that the automotive industry faces when it comes to maintaining and operating complex machinery. The need for efficient and effective maintenance processes to minimize downtime and reduce operational costs is paramount, especially in times of skilled staff shortages. Our client, a prominent player in the automotive industry, shared with us the challenge of optimizing their maintenance and operation processes globally while striving to minimize downtime and increase operational efficiency.

How did we solve it?

To tackle this problem, we combined our expertise in photorealistic digital twin technology with augmented reality (AR) and remote support solutions. Our photorealistic digital twins provide highly detailed and accurate digital replicas of physical assets and entire facilities. We integrated cutting-edge AR features to allow technicians on-site to access vital asset information like maintenance records, schematics, and historical data. They can overlay this information on the physical asset in real time to assist with maintenance tasks.

Technicians who are on site can now also contact specialists remotely via our platform. These specialists can use AR to explain the maintenance steps in real time by highlighting machinery parts that need to be fixed or by projecting additional information and instructions into the field of vision of the on-site technician.

How did our client benefit?

Based on the combination of photorealistic digital twins and AR, we were able to help our client to significantly reduce downtime by incorporating historical data and maintenance records. By drastically decreasing the need for physical travel of experts and technicians, our solution also resulted in substantial cost savings. Experts can now provide their support remotely, without having to be on-site, while also providing support on a global scale, ensuring a consistent level of service across multiple facilities.



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Wladislav Homm, Project Manager