Visualizing Site Monitoring in the Construction Industry

By implementing a photorealistic digital twin, we helped a client active in the construction sector streamline project documentation, offering precise and comprehensive visual records spanning the duration of the project, real-time progress tracking, and improved decision-making.

What was the challenge?

The unpredictable nature of projects is an established reality when it comes to construction. Whether it’s due to human decision-making or local conditions, deviations from the initial blueprint are not the exception but the rule. Our client, a prominent player in the construction sector, shared with us the challenges of documenting construction projects accurately, making it difficult to track progress and address unexpected changes effectively and in a timely manner.

How did we solve it?

To solve this challenge, we implemented our user-friendly digital twin platform. Our client easily created a dimensionally accurate digital twin with the help of on-site staff and various inputs like panoramas, cell phone photos, and drone footage. These image models offer a detailed view of on-site activities, enabling real-time project monitoring. Thanks to the easy updating method, the management team could stay informed without visiting the site. Our platform includes a timeline feature for tracking project progress, allowing revisiting past situations. Even concealed installations like underground pipes become visible by adjusting the time slider. This visual documentation remains valuable post-construction for tasks like building operations or modernizations.

How did our client benefit?

The dimensionally accurate digital twin offers a detailed representation of on-site activities, allowing for in-depth visual documentation of construction projects. Our client is now able to monitor project progress over time and to easily identify and address deviations from the original plan as they occur. Our client is thus able to fix problems in a timely manner to keep up with the project’s schedule. Furthermore, with the ability to revisit past situations and visualize hidden technical installations, our client can make more informed decisions, resulting in smoother project execution. Overall, our client has found that using a photorealistic digital twin streamlines the documentation process, saves time and ensures the accuracy of records, which is vital for legal and regulatory compliance.



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Wladislav Homm, Project Manager