Training & Onboarding of Staff in the Food Industry

To help a client active in the food industry train staff and onboard new employees more efficiently, faster and more cost-effectively, we created a photorealistic digital twin of their food factory and machinery and provided a Virtual Reality environment where staff can train and onboard without disrupting daily operations.

What was the challenge?

The food industry is characterized by intricate technical processes and sophisticated machinery, necessitating comprehensive training and onboarding of new employees to uphold safety and efficiency. However, traditional training methods often involve time-consuming and expensive on-site instruction, disrupting normal operations and potentially compromising employee safety.

How did we solve it?

To address this problem, we implemented our photorealistic digital twins to create immersive and interactive training environments and replicate real-world food production facilities and equipment in high detail. This digital twin consisted of the factory environment as well as the machinery that’s located in there. To enable autonomous training and onboarding of employees and new staff, we integrated precise asset annotations, instructions, videos and manuals within the digital twin for easy access and guidance. To provide an immersive training experience without the need for physical on-site presence, we also implemented virtual reality features.

How did our client benefit?

Our client has significantly reduced training time and onboarding costs while simultaneously enhancing employee safety and eliminating disruptions to daily operations. The immersive and interactive learning experience has led to improved training effectiveness and knowledge retention. Our client’s staff is now also to learn at their own pace and on their own time thanks to the increased flexibility and accessibility of training materials. Furthermore, the solution is scalable as it can be easily adapted to accommodate new equipment or process changes and can be used internationally across different food factories.



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Wladislav Homm, Project Manager