Finding and Classifying Assets in the Utilities Industry

To help a client active in the utilities industry find and classify assets faster while also automatically generating Points of Information for critical equipment, we created a photorealistic digital twin of their power plant and applied Optical Character Recognition methods to identify tags and text associated with assets and objects, making assets searchable via a typical search box.

What was the challenge?

Our client, who is active in the utilities industry, often grapples with the challenge of locating and managing a multitude of critical assets within their power plants. The difficulty arises from outdated or non-digitalized plans, making it arduous to pinpoint specific assets efficiently. The process of digitizing existing assets proves to be time-consuming and costly, necessitating an innovative solution.

How did we solve it?

To tackle this challenge, we used the high-resolution images in FRAMENCE, our photorealistic digital twin platform created with ordinary photos of industrial settings, such as power plants. The level of detail in these images allows our software to precisely identify tags linked to different assets. Rather than embarking on the time-consuming process of digitizing existing assets, we chose to utilize these images. Employing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) methods, FRAMENCE autonomously recognizes, classifies, and generates Points of Information for crucial assets based on the identified tags.

How did our client benefit?

The ability to automatically find and classify assets by just typing a description of the asset in the search box (for example “fire extinguisher”) significantly streamlined asset management processes. The automatic generation of Points of Information that the software filled with relevant information for critical assets provided valuable insights, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing the time and cost associated with manual asset identification. By using high-resolution images in FRAMENCE, our client now has a practical and time-efficient method for asset digitization at their disposal compared to traditional methods.



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Wladislav Homm, Project Manager