The 3D photorealistic Digital Twin

Digital Twins of buildings, technical facilities and installations provide a significant added value not only for every-day operations, but also for planning and documentation processes. It is a great benefit to have all necessary data accessible in one place. This improves work flows, accelerates decision making and drives down the required amount of time and costs tremendously.

FRAMENCE provides the unique opportunity to create Digital Twins very easily, at low cost and in no time. All you need is just an off-the-shelf camera equipment, and your individual Digital Twin is only a few mouse-clicks away. Data will be stored either on-premise or in the cloud and you can access them using any current browser.

Using FRAMENCE, you benefit from a unique, central single-point-of-information where all relevant data of your assets are easily accessible any time.


Overview of functions


Dimensional accuracy
With just a few clicks, you can easily measure distances, areas or volumes directly in the pictures.


All pictures and information are localized on the time line and allow for documentation across the entire life cycle.


Relevant information is geometrically localized in the 3D-navigation system in form of PoI and visible in all pictures.


Integration in speedikon® C
Our partnership with speedikon FM AG enables us to offer standard interfaces to speedikon® C.


Links to 3rd party systems
Existing data from 3rd party systems such as CAFM, Building Automation or ERP can be integrated via respective links.


Integration of detail pictures
Hidden installations, details or smaller refurbishments are visible thanks to adequately localized detail pictures.


Integration of video-streams and live-pictures
You can directly fade in live-pictures from cameras or video-streams into the twin.


For planning purposes, you can create 3D models directly from the photos and export them as IFC.


Integration of IoT-devices
Sensors, actuators or any other type of IoT-devices can be localized. You can display their data directly or view their dashboards.