Enhancement of BIM models with “as built“

Today, BIM models are required for most construction projects. They are the planning basis for the construction and in the ideal case also for all technical trades. Since changes are usually made on the construction site, they have to be incorporated into the BIM model, which as experience has shown is not always the case.

With Framence, the BIM models can be checked and supplemented. The photo panoramas are adjusted into the BIM model and can show discrepancies in the superposition. Furthermore, the photo panoramas can also supplement the BIM model with components that were not planned in 3D.

The seamless integration of the 3D model and photo panoramas in the hybrid graphics gives you a complete photorealistic digital twin that shows the “as built” situation. Missing 3D objects can be created in the FRAMENCE hybrid graphics and integrated into the BIM model. We provide an IFC interface for this purpose.