Planning technical facilities and machines

With the help of the FRAMENCE hybrid models, the panoramas of existing technical facilities can be supplemented by real 3D components such as steel or concrete nozzles, girders, walls, pipelines, large aggregates, etc. These objects can be created with simple functions directly from the panoramas.

3D models of newly installed machines can be integrated into this hybrid graphic and checked in consensus with the existing systems which are visible on the panoramic images. You receive a completely new quality of planning, since you can superimpose the photorealistic situation at any time at the push of a button.

The 3D functionality allows transport routes and installation situations to be secured and any collisions to be ruled out.

With this procedure, the initial planning steps can be carried out very quickly and reliably.

The 3D objects generated from the hybrid model can be transferred to 3D factory planning systems via interfaces.